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Frothy Forage Frequently Asked Questions

*Our event is ON as scheduled for Saturday, April 29.*


What happens if the weather is rainy?

Let's dress for the weather and embrace the rain! At this time we have adjusted the Frothy Forage trek to be limited to the main campus near our buildings and each of the six tasting station will have a small tent. Additional covered spaces will be available for eating, drinking and enjoying the music. The Nature Center and adjacent covered outdoor classroom will also be open for visiting our ambassador animals and enjoying the day.


Refunds will not be issued for weather-related cancellations or personal concerns. All sales are final and tickets are non-transferrable.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive at the beginning of your assigned time slot. We have carefully planned the arrival times to accommodate our limited parking and to allow for a comfortable guest experience. Please plan to vacate the property at the end of your scheduled time slot. You can expect at least an hour for a leisurely trek through the trail to visit our tasting stations and another hour to enjoy the pavilion area for more food and music. If you have purchased a 21+ ticket, please remember your photo ID.


What is the parking situation?

We have a long and narrow dirt driveway off Deer Run Road, Wilton CT. Please proceed to our parking attendants near the driveway entrance who will tell you where to park - do not park until you have been given instructions from our attendants as there may be spaces available very close to the welcome tent that are not visible from the road (yes, that means you might get a really good spot!) It may take a few minutes to walk to our welcome tent from your parking space (but don't worry, we'll be waiting for you!).


Parallel park only and pull as far over as possible; close the gap between the car in front of/behind you whenever possible; always leave room for traffic to flow; do not attempt to turn around in the middle of the driveway. There is a turnaround at the end of the driveway. If necessary, proceed to the end and follow the turnaround. If you are getting out of your vehicle on the wooded side, watch your step. Some areas have a slight drop off.

Where do I go after I park?

Please proceed to our white welcome tent along the driveway where you will check in and be given a map and instructions. Those 21+ who have purchased a beer tasting ticket will be given a bracelet and souvenir tasting glass. Do not attempt to begin your trek until you have checked in.

Please carpool or use Uber! Neighbors are encouraged to walk!

Our driveway parking is extremely limited. Please carpool with others in your party. Anyone being dropped off or using a transportation service (including volunteers) must exit their vehicle at the end of the driveway on Deer Run Road and walk the length of the driveway to the welcome tent. If you live within walking distance we encourage you to walk to the event; please watch for cars along your route and proceed directly to the welcome tent.

How long is the hike? Will it be difficult?

Our trails are well marked and maintained but there are a few tricky sections, so please use caution especially if you have children with you. Your hike is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace and without much difficulty. The hike is one way, please follow the signs along the trail and make your trek in the order instructed on your map. The trails are not stroller friendly.

What can I expect to find along the hike?

You'll not only enjoy beer to taste but also selections of soda, educational experiences and even some animal encounters! There might even be a treat or two for our furry friends! Just remember, only 21+ attendees with a bracelet will be served beer.

What food will be available for purchase?

The Redding Roadhouse Food Truck will be ready to serve you for an additional cost at the end of your forage. You can also visit Base Camp at the pavilion at the end of your forage to purchase additional drinks from our vendors. Boxed Water is free all day and there are also some complimentary sweets. You'll hear great music in the pavilion as well, so plan to spend some time eating, listening and enjoying the view of our pond!

Can we visit the animals in the nature center building?

Unfortunately, no. Our buildings are closed to the public during Frothy Forage except for use of the restrooms in the Nature Center. We do have outdoor aviaries that house our two amazing birds of prey and you may even see a Woodcock animal on your trek!


Where are the restrooms?

Two single gender neutral restrooms are located inside the Nature Center and will be open during the event.

Will the playground be open?

Yes! We ask that you please wait to use the playground if it is crowded. And, if others are waiting please be mindful of how much time you have spent in the space and allow others time to play too!

Can I buy a ticket on-site on the day of the event?

Due to our limited parking area, all tickets must be purchased in advance during an assigned time slot.


How can I help to keep Frothy Forage a fun and safe event?

For starters, please do not attend Frothy Forage if you are not feeling well or have any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 as outlined by the CDC. If you have been in contact with someone who has a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 do not come to the event. We also welcome you to try one of our handmade handwashing stations located around the pavilion area (they’re very fun to use!)


We reserve the right to make adjustments to all our policies as necessary.

Please also remember...

Our trails are not stroller friendly.

All dogs must be leashed.

Bring your photo ID and be prepared to present it at check-in.

Drive responsibly.

Have FUN!


Frothy Forage proceeds support environmental education programs at Woodcock Nature Center - thank you for your support!


If you have a question we did not answer here, please email us!

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