Citizen Science

We invite you to participate in citizen science projects at Woodcock Nature Center and around our local environment. Here are a few different ways to contribute your discoveries to online citizen science projects:

Woodcock Nature Center uses the iNaturalist App to learn about and document all the life that is on our trails, and you can help out! It’s easy and free to join and it helps us all learn about the biodiversity in our area.

Woodcock Nature Center has an umbrella project ongoing for our property. Your observations will be automatically added to our project as long as they are observed at Woodcock.

Visit our iNaturalist Project Woodcock Nature Center Wildlife here.

eBird is another online data base through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology but specifically for bird watchers. If you love to go out and create bird lists then download this app and upload all the species you find here throughout the year. This data is used to study bird behavior and migration


CT DEEP has a list of their own citizen science projects that people can participate in as well. This includes bird studies, bobcat sightings, turkey counts, and fisher cat sightings. Click the link to learn how to participate and report a sighting of these animal species


The Beecology project is tracking bee populations so they can monitor the health of each species and what environmental factors are contributing to their population declines. Download their app and tell them which buzzing friends are visiting you!


Please email with your questions