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Preschool Outreach Programs & Field Trips

Preschools, Homeschool Groups, and Learning Pods

Our preschool outreach programs build on children’s inherent curiosity about the world by using hands-on, nature-based activities to foster social, physical and academic skill development. A professional naturalist will bring fun and exciting activities along with visits from some of our non-releasable animals. These interactive programs will provide children with an awareness and early understanding of nature while encouraging exploration in their own backyards.

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(No bookings available during our Summer Camp season; June, July & August)

For more information, custom program inquiries or to book a program, contact Jennifer Bradshaw, Early Childhood Manager at

Outreach Programs Taught at your School

All programs can be taught either at your facility or as field trips at Woodcock Nature Center.

Winter Animals and Hibernation

How do animals survive when the snow starts falling? By examining furs, children will learn the different winter strategies that local animals use to stay warm and meet a LIVE animal with no fur or feathers and explore what it does to survive the cold.


Spring Awakening

Spring is a time bursting with new life! Children will learn what plants and animals are waking back up. Our educator will bring several spring animals and talk about their life cycles, and where they have been hiding all winter.


Under Our Feet

It’s amazing how many creatures live under the dirt and fallen leaves right beneath our feet! Children will meet one of these creatures and learn about adaptations it has which allows it to live underground.



From a hole in the ground to a nest in a tree, animal live in a wide variety of habitats. Children will meet several animals from different habitats and learn about the life of each unique creature.

Colors and Patterns

Camouflage is important to the survival of many animals. Children will learn the value of colors and patterns while meeting various animals that openly “hide” within their environment.

Native & Exotic Animals

This program allows children to learn about native animals of Connecticut to exotic animals from Africa, Mexico and more. Our educators will bring a variety of our resident animals that your students can learn about up-close!

Field Trips to Woodcock Nature Center

Spring Awakenings with Swamp Scoop 

*Seasonal, Spring only*

It’s that time of year for the plants and the animals. Come for a hike to see how everything is waking up from the cold winter and getting down to the business of growing and having families. Students will meet several native animals. We will scoop in our swamp to explore some unique life cycles underwater.

Incredible Insects with Swamp Scoop

*Seasonal, Spring only*

Did you know insects taste with their feet and smell with the antennae? Learn what makes insects different, meet some live insects as well as live animals that depend on insects for food. Many insects lay their eggs in the water. Scoop in our swamp to see what some look like before they emerge as adults.



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