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School Program Policies and Pricing 

Program Policies

MasksMasks are not required however, participants and staff who choose to wear a mask throughout any program are welcome to do so. Mask policies subject to change. If you or your students are experiencing Covid symptoms, please stay home. If you or your students test positive for Covid after attending one of our programs, please contact our office. 

Weather: Programs are taught outdoors and run drizzle or shine. Should your program need to be cancelled due to heavy rains, high winds, extreme heat, snow, etc., we will do our best to reschedule. We are unable to reserve rain or snow dates in advance.

Chaperones: Each class can have no more than 3 parent chaperones attend (in addition to the teacher(s) and class aides). There is no fee for chaperones. 

  • Teachers and Chaperones are expected to monitor student behavior during the visit. This includes modeling appropriate behavior such as staying on the trail, staying with the group, and not using personal cell phones or engaging in side conversations during a program.


Attire: Students and chaperones should dress for the weather with appropriate footwear (closed-toed) for walking on trails. Layers are recommended to regulate temperature.


Insect Repellent: It is recommended that clothing and shoes be sprayed with an insect/tick repellent before arriving. We advise a tick check when students go home.


WaterWoodcock does not have a water fountain or supply bottled water. Students should bring their own water bottles which can be refilled. Please no drink boxes (clear straw wrappers can be harmful to our wildlife).


Trash: If student's stay to eat their snack or lunch onsite, the collection and removal of trash is your responsibility. Please bring a trash bag for your garbage and take it with you when you leave.

Program Pricing 

Field Trips at Woodcock

  • 1.5 Hour Program: $200 per class

  • 2 Hour Program: $240 per class

  • Max 25 students per class


Outreach Programs at your School or Facility

  • 30 Minute Program: $140 per class 

  • 45 Minute Program: $160 per class 

  • 1 Hour Program: $180 per class

  • Max 15 students per class (preschool) and Max 25 students per class​ (elementary school)

  • Travel fee of $25 applied to all programs 15-25 miles from WNC.


Virtual Programs

  • 30 Minute Zoom Program: $50 per class

  • Pre-Recorded Lesson: $150-200 for pre-recorded video lesson(one time purchase). $50 per additional 30 Minute Zoom follow-up

  • See Virtual offerings here. 


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