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Mission & Identity

Woodcock Nature Center's mission is to creatively re-connect the community with nature and to one another.

During 2019, the board of directors and senior leadership developed a strategic plan and future vision for the nature center which informed many subsequent choices related to programming, strategy and branding. You may have noticed that, in 2022, as part of its 50th anniversary year, Woodcock has updated the visual identity for the organization. This is an exciting strategic change for Woodcock and we are delighted to answer some questions you might have about this process further below...

Why is the Woodcock logo changing?

The 50th Anniversary presents an ideal opportunity to explore an alternative design that better expresses what Woodcock is all about—now and for the next 50 years! Not many people know that our Nature Center was named after founder J. Mortimer Woodcock and not the bird of the same name which has appeared on previous logos. We are excited for a new look which better speaks to the quality of programming, creativity and fun that we so often experience at Woodcock Nature Center. Read more about our history here.


Where did the idea of snake come from?

We explored a lot of options—from different animals, to leaves and letters—but the snake resonated for a few reasons. First, snakes are an integral part of our Woodcock ecosystem (and animal teaching team!), and as a visual representation, we wanted something that captured the excitement and creativity that Woodcock represents—a vibrant, unique place to explore and learn. The curvature of the snake’s body suggests a path of discovery with the bands of color representing each of our brand pillars (creativity, education, place-making and conservation) as referenced by four earthly element hues.


Where we will see the new logo and design?

Eventually everywhere! We are starting with our website, print materials and signage, but by the winter we hope to have everything fully converted.

Who helped to come up with the new look?

A small committee of Woodcock staff, board and volunteers worked extensively with designer Jeff James to articulate our organizations personality, voice and desired outcomes before even looking at any visual ideas. The committee leaned on Jeff's extensive experience as a brand visionary, book illustrator and designer for companies like Starbucks and Oribe Tea. You can learn more about Jeff James here.

This is wonderful. Where can I learn even more?

Woodcock has a wonderful graphic that explains even more about our color choices and future use of the new look and design. Take a look here (pdf).

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