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Summer Camp Staff 2022
Info for 2023 coming soon!


Sarah Breznen

Camp Director

Happy summer everyone! I’m Miss Sarah and this will be my 13th summer at Woodcock. I’m excited to meet new campers, welcome returning campers, and I look forward to sharing discoveries and adventures! You will see me around giving special nature or art lessons and teaching campers about our local woodlands and wetlands. I love learning more about the amazing plants and animals around us. I especially like insects and small mammals. There are so many extraordinary connections in nature if you take the time to look. I live in Norwalk and in my free time I am an artist and enjoy painting, as well as volunteering to restore local habitats. If I could be any animal, I would be a squirrel because they have incredible climbing skills and live in tree houses.


Jennifer Bradshaw

Assistant Camp Director

My name is Jennifer Bradshaw, but the campers call me Miss Jen. This is my 10th summer at Woodcock. I am so excited to see all the returning campers and to meet the new ones! Helping kids get excited about nature and fostering a sense of wonder is one of the best feelings I've ever had! I live in Ridgefield with my husband, our 6-year-old son Jase and our 3-year-old daughter Nicky. In my free time, I love to play outside with my kids, go for hikes and just explore nature. I also enjoy collecting cool nature items that I've found in nature or have purchased, to put in my "Cabinet of Curiosities"- like skulls, bones & crystals! If I could be any animal, it would be an Owl because they can fly, they have incredible eyesight and they are just beautiful!

JMeikle Click.jpg

Jennifer Meikle

Waterfront Director

Hi everyone! I’m Jennifer and I’m so excited for my first summer at Woodcock. I can’t wait to spend the summer canoeing on the water with you all as the Waterfront Director! When I’m not on the pond, you can find me leading special activities and animal lessons, tending to the Pollinator Garden, and observing the nature all around us. Learning about plants and animals is a passion of mine! I enjoy all types of creating; I like crocheting, painting, jewelry making, and more. I also love to hike, rollerblade, longboard, climb trees, swim and explore! If I could be any animal, I would be a snake because they are so strong and powerful and they love sunbathing on rocks (which I deeply relate to!).

Tommy Bio.jpg

Tommy McCarthy

UnCharted Director

Hey everyone! This is my first summer at Woodcock and I’m so excited to explore, create and have fun alongside campers! When I’m not leading the Uncharted program for 7th and 8th graders, you can find visiting various groups to support counselors and lead special lessons! My favorite thing to do in nature is sit in a quiet place and watch for wildlife. I especially love to take pictures of birds! If I could be any animal I would choose to be a Raven because they are very intelligent and curious, love to play, and have strong friendship-like bonds with their partners.

Jeanne - bio pic, cropped.jpg

Jeanne Young

Camp Registrar, Director of First Aid 

My name is Jeanne Young. This is my 9th summer at Woodcock.  As Registrar, I make sure all the administrative ducks are in a row so we can all put the focus where it belongs...on the campers! As Director of First Aid, I work to make sure we have all the info we need to give campers a safe and healthy camp experience. I’m looking forward to seeing camper’s smiling faces each morning at the check in tent and seeing them off, happy and exhausted, at the end of each day.  I am happiest when I’m hiking, sitting quietly in nature, or exploring in the woods. I love listening to music, cooking and spending time with friends. If I could be any animal, I would be a fox because they are quietly curious, analytical and adaptive.

2022 Season Camp Counselors

Jason Alfandre 2021.jpg

Jason Alfandre


Hi everyone! My name is Jason, this will be my 4th summer as a Woodcock counselor, and I just graduated from Bates College. I majored in Biology, and hope to focus more on wildlife and conservation biology, as well as environmental education, which I did a lot of when I went down to Texas in spring 2021 to work with alligators, venomous snakes, and other cool reptiles! I will also continue to do wildlife and conservation work this coming fall, when I go study and live in the Australian rainforest. I love reptiles and have tons of super cool stories to tell about my time in Texas, and lots of equally cool souvenirs. My favorite thing to do at camp is catch creatures, especially the reptiles, because I love seeing them up close and watching how they behave and learning cool facts about them. I hope you all can help me find animals so we can learn together!

Kevin Andros 2022.jpg

Kevin Andros


Hey everyone, my name is Kevin Andros. I am from Ridgefield, Connecticut and this will be my second summer as a counselor at Woodcock. In May I graduated from SUNY ESF in Syracuse with a BA in Environmental Education and Interpretation. Some of my favorite things to do in nature are walking my chocolate lab Moose and looking for cool mushrooms. I also have a crested gecko named Doug and I would love to get a snake in the future. Reptiles and fungi are my biggest passions but recently I have been photographing birds and wildlife that wander through my backyard. Right now my favorite animal is the American Pika because they are adorable and use little squeaks to communicate with each other. I can’t wait to see everyone this summer!

Conor Barbieri 2022.jpg

Conor Barbieri


I am Conor Barbieri and I recently graduated from the George Washington University majoring in Sociology and minoring in sustainability. I currently live in Ridgefield CT and hope to move to any Latin American country with the Peace Corps. Some of my hobbies include hiking with my dogs, playing video games, and playing basketball with friends. One of my favorite things to do in nature includes finding random mushrooms and taking pictures of them and then finding out what they are called. I am most looking forward to learning more about nature and fun interactive activities with the campers. If I was any animal, I think I would be a monkey because they are fantastic climbers and I have recently been watching free solo and have been inspired by Alexander Honnold who ascended El Capitan (vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park) free solo.

Teddy Corper.png

Teddy Corper


I'm Teddy and this is my 4th summer at Woodcock. I also helped teach afterschool classes here this past year! I am from Wilton, Connecticut and am an early childhood education major. My main hobbies include taking long hikes, biking, and hanging out with my friends and family. My favorite thing to do in nature is to hang out by a lake or spend the day swimming in the lake. This summer I am excited to have fun with all of the campers! I love hiking on the trails at Woodcock, catching frogs and turtles in the pond, and getting to know all my campers at opening circle! If I could be any animal I would be a red panda so I could spend all day relaxing in trees and eating bamboo.

Elijah Crehan 2021.JPG

Elijah Crehan


Hello everyone! My Name is Elijah. I’m going into my Junior year of college at the University of Connecticut majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Digital Marketing and Analytics. I’m also working towards my commercial pilot’s license at Danbury airport. For most of my life I’ve lived between Danbury and Ridgefield and have always loved exploring the woods of New England. In my free time I play guitar, work on old cars, go for hikes, juggle, and explore historical places with my metal detector. If I could be any animal, I would be a Mountain Lion. They’re intelligent, agile, strong, and adaptable. I’ve been coming to Woodcock nearly every summer for over 10 years as a camper, CIT, and now counselor. This past year I helped with the the after school program at Woodcock and this will be my second summer as a counselor! I’m very excited to see familiar faces and meet all the new campers! I can’t wait to share a fun educational summer with everyone at Woodcock!

Josh Farhi 2022.jpg

Josh Farhi


Hi! My name is Josh Farhi and I'm from Wilton, Connecticut.  I'll be a senior this fall at Western New England University working towards my BA degree in Psychology.  I enjoy hiking, tennis, bike riding, playing video games and listening to music.  My favorite thing to do in nature is hiking on trails with lots of big rocks and hills.  If I could be any animal, I would be an orangutan because I could use my really long arms to swing on trees and eat food with my feet.  This will be my first summer at Woodcock and I'm super excited to explore the great outdoors with everyone!

Lenora LoFrisco 2022.JPG

Lenora LoFrisco


Hi! My name is Lenora LoFrisco and this is my first summer at Woodcock. I am a rising sophomore at Indiana University where I am studying psychology and on the rowing team. I am from Westport Connecticut and I love music, art, reading, and taking care of my plants and garden. I also like to go on hikes, swim, and I love when it rains. I am so excited to spend my summer outside doing fun educational activities with the campers and staff. If I could be any animal, I would be a duck because then I could swim, fly, and walk.

Kristen Meikle 2022.JPG

Kristen Meikle


Hi! My name is Kristen, and this is my first summer at Woodcock. I’m really excited to meet this year's campers! I’m from Ossining, New York, and I’m currently a senior studying psychology at Binghamton University. I love animals, swimming, reading, exploring new places, and learning why and how things work or behave the way they do. My favorite part about nature is never knowing what you might find next. If I could be any animal, I would be something that lives near the water so it would be easy to cool off!

Kory Nossan 2021.png

Kory Nossan


Hi campers and parents.  My name is Kory Nossan and I was a camper at Woodcock as a kid, then a CIT, and this is my second summer as a Counselor.  I will be a Junior at the University of Tampa this fall where I am obtaining a BS Degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in community wellness.  I enjoy a lot of sports, but my favorites are baseball and hockey.  I’ve attended Nols (National Outdoor Leadership School) and hiked Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid.  I also spent several weeks in Maine conducting research on snail movements.  I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and passion for animals, wildlife and enjoying canoe time with campers this summer.  If I was an animal, I’d be a Beagle so that I could communicate with our pet rescue beagle, Beck.

Natasha Ring 2022.jpg

Natasha Ring


Hi! My name is Natasha Ring, I just completed my senior year at Wilton High School, and in the fall I will be a First-Year at Bryn Mawr College. I plan on majoring in environmental studies with a STEM focus and education. My hobbies include reading, running, coaching and playing field hockey, and reading to a first-grade class! I have been a CIT at Woodcock for two years, and have been working on a vernal pool research project there. If I could be any animal, I would be a red-eyed tree frog because I love their colorful bodies and think it would be amazing to be in a rainforest. I can’t wait for the summer!

Michael Saccucci.jpg

Michael Saccucci


Hello! My name is Michael Saccucci and I'm from Ridgefield, Connecticut. This is my 2nd summer as a Counselor. I studied environmental science with a concentration in marine science at the University of Delaware. One of my favorite things to do when I'm out in nature is hiking, I especially like the local Hemlock Hills trails and the trails in Black Moshannon State Park in Pennsylvania. I'm most looking forward to having a great time and learning new things with everyone this summer. If I could be any animal, I would like to be a bee because I could fly around hanging out on flowers and enjoy some fresh honey.   

Dani Silva 2022.jpg

Dani Silva


Hi! My name is Dani Silva, and I'm from Birdsboro, Pennsylvania! I just finished my sophomore year at Delaware Valley University where I’m working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation & Wildlife Management. I absolutely love the outdoors, whether it's working with animals, hiking, camping, or other fun activities like riding horses! I have a mini zoo back home with all my pets and I'm thrilled to learn about your critters too! If I could be any animal, I would be a koala because they are excellent climbers (and nappers!). They can sleep up to 20 hours a day! This will be my first year as a counselor for Woodcock and I'm so excited to spend my summer in such a fun learning environment. I can't wait to meet you all!

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