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Support Our Playground Fund


In 2019 Woodcock Nature Center partnered with Christopher Gray of Graywoods Design to upgrade our play structures using red cedar harvested from our grounds. This playscape is the only one of its kind in Ridgefield and Wilton. It allows children to enliven play and engage creatively with nature. 

The playground incorporates a tamarack climbing platform and fireman's pole, wobbly bridge, balance beam, tree stump hop, open playhouse and Woodcock’s popular rope “spider web” (salvaged from the original structure). Most recently, we added a cedar and stainless steel slide and accessible sand box!

Trassig Playgrounds provided pro-bono consulting which has helped us to make sure the space meets national play and safety code requirements (from ground materials to safe distances between play elements). We are still in the process of upgrading the access to the space and to surrounding areas on the grounds to meet ADA requirements.


Special thanks to Horseshoe Farm in Ridgefield for building new fencing around the space.

Thank you to Christopher Gray for his vision and commitment (and generous pricing!)

The design plan for the natural play space allows for us to add features as we fundraise:

Playhouse with Open Half Walls  $1,500 - PARTIALLY COMPLETE

Barefoot Sensory Path  $1,000


Musical Flowers  $900 each - COMPLETE!

Bi-level Sandbox Enclosed with Logs  $1,500 - PARTIALLY COMPLETE

Educational Signage on Play Elements and Donor Acknowledgements - $1,500

Ongoing costs for the space include:

Playground certified wood chips and playground sand.

General repairs from wear and tear due to natural materials.

Insurance costs.

Please consider a generous donation to our playground fund.


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Photo Jan 29, 4 28 58 PM.jpg

Learn more about Graywoods Design and their building philosophy here.

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