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Tips for Registration


Woodcock programs are very popular and fill up quickly.
Below are a few tips that may help make the registration process go more smoothly.

Summer Camp Registration

STEP 1 (to be completed before registration day)

Create or update your account in the following ways:

  • If you attended School Break or Summer Camp programs between 2021-2023, you may already have an account which you can access here. Click on the “my account summary” icon (top right, image of a person) and enter the email address associated with your previous account. Click “forgot password” to reset and access your account. If you’re unable to access your account this way, please create a new account.

  • If you are new to our School Break and Summer Camp programs, or attended prior to 2021, you can create a new account here. Click on the “my account summary” icon (top right, image of a person) and click “new user” to get started.

Please also update or complete:

  • Email Address: Please use an email address in your account that you plan to check frequently. We will use this email address to communicate important program information!

  • Forms. You can provide some required information in advance of registration. Under your child's profile select My Forms/Complete a New Form for a list of required forms per program.

  • Contacts & Pick-Up Info: On your main account page you can also add alternate contacts and pickup information. This information may also be added/updated at a later date.

  • Refund Policy. Please review our refund policy here before registering.


We strongly recommend you log in and fill out/update as much information for each child as possible prior to registration going live.


STEP 2 (to be completed on registration day: beginning February 7 at 10 am)

  • Log in to your account and go to your 'My Account' page (person icon in the upper right).

  • On the next screen, a list of your children will be visible. Choose the first (or only) child you wish to register and select 'Register'.

  • You will then be prompted to select a grade level. Please select the grade your child will be entering in the fall of 2024. Pre-K/K (Fledglings) campers must turn four years old by the start of their camp week or their registration will be dismissed. Click 'Save Grade'. Note: We are no longer using birthdate parameters for group placement.

  • After you have selected your first (or only) child you will be prompted to 'Select Session' and see a list of available weeks for registration (see screen shot below). Click the box next to each week you wish to select. Note: in an effort to make camp accessible to as many families as possible, registration will be limited to a maximum of three weeks per child. Click 'Register' at the top of the page when your selections are complete. This will hold your selected weeks for up to 10 minutes as long as you actively continue with your registration process.

On the next page, 'Additional Selections', if you have additional children to register, choose 'Yes' and repeat the steps above. If this is the only child you are registering choose 'No' to go to the next step.

  • Please note: If the week you wish to select is full, you will be given the option to join the waitlist. If space becomes available, you will be contacted by email in the order requests were received. You will then have 24 hours to register before the next family on the list is contacted.

  • When you are done selecting the camp weeks for your child(ren) you will move on to answering a set of questions/waivers before proceeding to a payment screen to finalize your registration by selecting 'No, continue registration' on the Additional Selections screen. 

A few additional tips:

  • Please do not register your child for a  group that does not correspond with their Fall 2024 grade. We may not have the capacity to switch them to their correct group after the fact.

  • We do not recommend logging into more than one device or creating multiple accounts in an attempt to secure a camp spot as this may cause temporary holds and other features to not function properly. 

  • Health and Medication forms for summer camp are not due at the time of registration. They are due no later than the Wednesday prior to your child's camp week and can be uploaded your child's profile. Forms must be submitted each year. More about medical forms here.

  • Please review our general Camp Info & Policies here before registering.


If you have additional questions about our programs or the registration process please email us or call well in advance of the registration date.

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