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Summer Camp 2024

Happy Camper Checklist
(aka What to Bring)

  • WATER:  Pack a full reusable water bottle. Woodcock provides water for re-fills.


  • SNACK/LUNCH: Please come with a NUT-FREE snack and NUT-FREE lunch, packed along with an ice pack.

  • CLOTHING: Campers should wear weather appropriate clothing that can get dirty and/or damp.


  • FULL CHANGE OF CLOTHES:  All campers should bring a change of clothes (socks and underwear included) and a large Ziploc bag to put wet/muddy clothing in to send home.


  • FOOTWEAR: Daily footwear should be suitable for hiking and running. No sandals or open toed shoes. Additionally, pack a pair of water shoes or boots daily for stream stomping. 


  • RAIN GEAR: Children will be out in the rain. Pack rain coats/boots if rain is forecast.


  • BACKPACK:  Help keep all your child’s belongings together by packing them in a backpack.


  • SUNBLOCK: WNC is not allowed to apply or provide sunblock. Please apply before camp if desired. Your child can bring sunblock from home if they can re-apply independently.


  • INSECT REPELLANT: Staff is not allowed to apply or provide insect repellant. Please apply at home. Please check your child each evening for ticks. Your child can bring repellant from home if they can re-apply independently.


  • HAND SANITIZER: All campers should bring their own hand sanitizer for personal use. Each counselor/staff member will have hand sanitizer with them to provide to campers throughout the day as well.


  • PLEASE DO NOT BRING: Toys or electronic devices of any kind. Gum is prohibited at camp.


  • RIDE-SHARING NOTE:  If your child is being picked up by anyone other than a parent/guardian, please update the Pickup Authorization section in your UltraCamp profile in advance of your camp week or email us at Provide the following: date of pick up, name of person picking up and their contact info, and a phone number you can be reached during the scheduled pick up time. We will not be collecting physical notes at drop off.

  • A SMILE We look forward to seeing your child at camp!

*Please label your child’s belongings*

Thank you for helping us make this summer a wonderful and exciting experience!

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