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Virtual Field Trips

We are excited to offer virtual field trips based on our popular in-person programs! Each program is designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards while building awareness and understanding of local environments. 

For information on a specific topic not listed here, or a custom program, please contact Sarah Breznen at

Zoom Programs

$50 per class for 30 minute Zoom program with an educator. Most of our regular field trip offerings can be adapted to Zoom programs. See topics here.

Pre-Recorded Programs

$150-200 for pre-recorded video lesson. This is a one time purchase for each topic. It can be shared with multiple classes within an agreed upon time frame to view it. 
$50 per class for 30 minute Zoom follow-up Q/A with an educator.

Presented through a series of 3 pre-recorded videos. An interactive Zoom follow-up with an educator can be added to answer students' questions. See topics below. 


Plants and Seeds 

In the struggle to continue life, the plant kingdom has developed some incredible technologies to gain an advantage in the spread of their seeds. Some seeds explode, some fly, some use animals, but all have the same goal, to propagate life. Students will learn what all plants need to grow, how seeds move, and explore the different survival strategies of plants that grow in different habitats. 

Video 1: Pollination

Video 2: Seed Dispersal 

Video 3: Swamp Plants

Key Concepts: Photosynthesis, pollination, seed dispersal, sunlight, water, nutrients, soil, adaptation, competition, interactions, seasons, habitat, ecosystems..

NGSS: 2-LS2-1, 2-LS2-2, 2-LS4-1, K-2-ETS1-2

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Life Cycles in Vernal Pools

Explore a unique habitat that only comes to life in the Spring, Vernal Pools! Students will learn what a Vernal Pool is. They will meet different species that rely on these temporary habitats for survival and observe their adaptations at different stages of their life cycle. They will examine how weather conditions affect the depth, temperature, and water quality of the pool, which ultimately affects the survival of the organisms in it. 

Video 1: What is a Vernal Pool?

Video 2: Life Cycles

Video 3: Weather

Key Concepts: Life cycles, survival, structure and function, adaptation, resilience, habitat, ecosystem, weather patterns, water quality, cause and effect, biodiversity.

NGSS: 3-LS1-1, 3-LS2-1, 3-LS3-1, 3-LS3-2, 3-LS4-2, 3-LS4-3, 3-LS4-4, 3-ESS2-1

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