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Woodcock in the News

Read Woodcock's Winter Newsletter!


Woodcock Nature Center Grateful to Wreath Festival Supporters and Attendees

Letter to the Editor (Good Morning Wilton, December 17, 2018)

Woodcock’s Wreath-Making Fundraiser a Sold-Out Wilton Tradition, But Family Open House Still an Option

Good Morning Wilton (December 3, 2018)

Boy Scout finds new life for fallen trees

The Hour (Pat Tomlinson, November 29, 2018)

5K Will Raise Money, Highlight Woodcock

The Wilton Bulletin (Kendra Baker, October 7, 2018)

Fairfield County Bank Donation Supports Woodcock Nature Center​

Good Morning Wilton (Shelby Connor, June 13, 2018)

New Woodcock director aims to raise awareness, spread excitement

The Wilton Bulletin (Kendra Baker, May 18, 2018)

Wilton Land Trust Makes Deal to Purchase 183 Ridgefield Road. WNC to provide programming on site.

Good Morning Wilton (Heather Borden Herve, May 17, 2018)

Land Trust Aims to Buy 183 Ridgefield Road Property

The Wilton Bulletin (May 17, 2018)

Earth Day weekend: Planting for pollinators joins ‘Rid Litter’ efforts ​

The Ridgefield Press (Macklin K. Reid, April 20, 2018)

Little Forest Folk: Out of the classroom and into the woods 

The Ridgefield Press (Steve Coulter, April 10, 2018)

Enjoy the Great Outdoors - Special Feature: Woodcock Nature Center (pg 8-9)

Wilton Neighbors Magazine (April 2018)

Woodcock launches Little Forest Folk program

The vWilton Bulletin (Lenore Herbst, April 4, 2018)

Into the Woods of Enchantment

Wag Magazine (Phil Hall, April 2, 2018)

Woodcock Announces First Forest School Preschool Program

Good Morning Wilton (Heather Borden Herve, March 27, 2018

Woodcock Nature Center Appoints New Executive Director

Danbury News Times (Pat Tomlinson, February 9, 2018)

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