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Selecting weeks/session for more than one camper

If you are registering more than one child for our School Break or Summer Camp programs, follow the steps below for your best opportunity for success getting them all into the same week(s) / days (pending availability). 

Once you select the weeks/days for your child, those items will be held as you progress through the registration process. If you do not progress to the next page, your spot will no longer be held. Your registration is not complete until you have paid in full at the end of the registration process. Registration will time out after approx. 10 minutes of inactivity. 

  • Log into/create your account. Be sure to create a profile for each child you wish to register (we recommend you do this in advance of registration to save time). 

  • On your My Account page you will see each of your children listed. 

  • Click REGISTER to the right of one of your children

  • The next screen you will see is Select a Session (see screenshot below). Choose the week(s) / session you desire for this child, then click REGISTER.

Select Session page.png
  • The next screen you will see is Additional Selections (see screenshot below).

  • You will be asked the question "Would you like to make additional selections for other account members?".

  • Click YES. This will bring you back to the page where you will see each of your children listed.

  • Click REGISTER  to the right of the next child.

  • The next screen will again be Select a Session (as above). Choose the week(s) / session you desire for this child.

  • Repeat the process until you have chosen weeks /sessions for all your children. When done and back at the Additional Selections page, click "No, continue to registration" and you will be prompted to fill out the appropriate waivers, registration questions, etc. and then make your payment to finalize your registration. 

Additional Selections page.jpg
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