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City Nature Challenge 2021

Fairfield and Westchester Counties

April 30 - May 3

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The City Nature Challenge is an international event where people find and document plants and wildlife in cities across the globe!


Woodcock is partnering with The Maritime Aquarium, The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary, Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo, the town of Bedford, NY, Healthy Yards, and Mill River Park Collaborative to bring the City Nature Challenge to our area.


From Friday April 30 to Monday May 3, people are encouraged to find, photograph and upload plants, bugs, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles or any other wild, natural finds to iNaturalist. (No pets or cultivated plants, please.) You don’t even need to know what it is you’ve submitted, the iNaturalist app and website will help with identification!


Observations can be made anywhere within Fairfield and Westchester Counties. We encourage you to explore the nature around during this 4 day bioblitz, whether it's in your house, your backyard, or Woodcock Nature Center! 


Learn more about the City Nature Challenge:

Since 2017, the CNC has been the largest annual observation recording event in iNaturalist. Not only does the CNC inspire new people to observe nature during the event itself, it highlights the value of this work and inspires some participants to become biodiversity observers year-round.

How You Can Participate

Make Observations!

  • Download iNaturalist app and create an account

  • Join the project here

  • Take photos of wildlife anywhere in Fairfield and Westchester counties between April 30 through May 3.

  • This can be inside your house, in your backyard, out your window, or on the trails at Woodcock Nature Center! The goal is to capture wildlife, avoid pets, and cultivated plants.

  • Upload your photos to iNaturalist - from your mobile device or via your computer

  • Click here for tips to explore wildlife at home!


Help identify what was seen!

  • Download iNaturalist app and create an account

  • Join the project here

  • Identify observations to species level


Check out City Nature Challenge Events being hosted throughout the area!

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