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Vernal Pool Resources for Teachers/Parents

The learning objectives of this program are:

1.  Students will learn how to identify vernal pools and how they differ from other wetlands.

2. Students will learn to identify the species found in pools and their adaptations to survive in this unique environment.

3.  Students will understand the food web of vernal pools and how energy flows through this system.

4.  Students will understand the importance of this habitat and how it is connected to the surrounding forest.

5.  Students will learn how scientists collect data in the field and use this information to assess habitats.

To help achieve these objectives here are some resources to continue learning about Vernal Pools in the classroom and at home!


WNC Vernal Pools Slideshow for 4th Grade

Informational Videos, Audio, & Games:


"Vernal Pools Kid Video" (Video clip, 4:24 minutes)

Vernal Pool Chronicles” (Videos)

Yellow Spotted Salamander- Nature Notes- CTnaturalist” (Video clip, 1:58 minutes)

Salamanders of Connecticut (Information)


Frogs of Connecticut (Information and frog call audio)

Bill Nye the Science Guy on the Food Web” (Video clip, 2:07 minutes)

The Food Chain Game” (Interactive Online Game)

Reading Connections:

The Secret Pool by Kimberley Ridley (Grades 1-5)

Frog Heaven: Ecology of a Vernal Pool by Doug Wechsler (Grades 3-7)

Pass the Energy Please. Barbara McKinney. (Grades 2-5)

What’s for Dinner: Quirky, Squirmy, Poems from the Animal World. Katherine Hauth. (Grades 3-5)

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