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Yoga at Woodcock

Align body, mind and spirit among the trees at Woodcock Nature Center with yoga instructor Jessica Outlaw. This hatha yoga practice for adults of all levels and abilities will be sure to fully awaken your senses and connect you more deeply to yourself and the natural world with asanas (postures), proper breathing and deep relaxation.


Practicing yoga outdoors is not only a great way to change up your usual routine but also allows you to appreciate the beauty in the little things you normally take for granted.

Saturday, June 22

9 – 10 am

$25 per attendee


Limit of 15 attendees.

*Advance registration is required.*


Please note: Restrooms may not be available during the program. Please bring your own yoga mat and props and remember to dress for the weather. Cancellations due to weather will be made in advance and communicated via email to registered participants.

Ridgefield resident Jessica Outlaw has been teaching yoga in the New York City area since 1999. Her teaching approach & personal practice owe a debt of gratitude to the many teachers & styles of yoga she has been studying for 30 years. She has been greatly influenced by Shiva Rea, Cyndi Lee, Laughing Lotus, Kula Yoga Project, Anusara & Iyengar Yoga. Within the nurturing & safe environment, she creates Jessica leads her students on a path of self-discovery by encouraging them to practice with intelligence, mindfulness & curiosity. She enjoys bringing the practice to ever-widening audiences & populations to expand its therapeutic & fitness benefits to all.


To learn more about Jessica please visit her website.

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