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CIT Information & Expectations


Our Counselor-in-Training program is open to students ages 14 and up who have an interest and enthusiasm for working with children in an outdoor environment. Our CIT’s play a key role at camp by helping campers have the best possible experience with nature and an amazing summer.


We expect all of our CIT’s to have a willingness to:


  • Interact with campers and assist Counselors with supervision of group

  • Help Counselors and Senior Staff facilitate activities, hikes, games, crafts, songs, stories, etc.

  • Provide one on one attention to campers who might need some extra help

  • Assist with camp preparation and clean-up

  • Serve as a positive role model for campers

  • Get dirty and work hard in all weather (including summer heat, humidity, and rain!)

All of our CIT’s must:


  • Be at least 14 years old by the week of participation as a CIT (State Requirements)

  • Have experience working with children (babysitting, tutoring, etc.)

  • Commit to at least two full weeks (Monday-Friday) of camp (doesn't have to be consecutive)

  • Must commit to one of our mandatory training sessions. Failure to attend a training will result in no longer having the ability to be a CIT during our summer camp season.

  • Follow CIT guidelines and expectations as stated below:

    • Participating as a Counselor-in-Training, rather than as a camper​

    • Being helpful to the counselors, not making extra work for them

    • Never using physical force with a camper

    • Never yelling or raising your voice at a camper

    • No swearing, using profanity, or inappropriate language at camp

    • No telling "scary stories" or talking about inappropriate topics around campers

    • Referring any problems to a senior counselor if simple verbal warnings don't work

    • If any problems arise with campers or another situation, let senior staff know so it can be addressed as soon as possible

    • Dress code will be followed (no clothing with references to drugs, alcohol, or sexual content, nothing too revealing, no sunglasses, must wear closed-toe shoes)

    • Cellphones should be away for the camp day, except for taking photos

    • There will be a mandatory weekly CIT meeting after camp, that will run approximately 30 minutes long

    • In the event that there will be lateness or absence due to illness or emergency, call or text senior staff to let them know as soon as possible 



Please Note:


  • The Summer Camp Director/Assistant Director reserve the right to ask anyone who is not abiding by our guidelines or policies to leave our CIT program or not to return for any remaining scheduled week(s).

  • Taking part in the Woodcock Nature Center’s CIT program does not guarantee a spot as a paid Senior Counselor in the future. Potential Counselors must be 18 years old & up and must follow the application procedures outlined on our website.

Fee for CITs:

There is a training fee for all CITs. The training fees differ with experience level (see below). Information on how to pay the fee will be sent via email after acceptance into the CIT Program.


New CIT: $200

Returning for 2nd Year CIT: $100

Returning for 3rd Year CIT: $75

Nature is for everyone! If your family is experiencing financial need, please visit our scholarship page.

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