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Conservation of Vernal Pools

Now that you know how amazing and important these pools are, you would think they are protected, right?  Well, sort of, the pools and the surrounding forest (100 feet from the  pool's edge) are protected but that isn't enough!

Spotted salamanders can move up to 500 feet from the pool into the forest and wood frogs up to 1,000!

There are many things you can do to protect pools, some simple things are:

1.  Do not disturb the pool when it is wet or when it is dry.  Leave any sticks or leaves that fall into it as they provide food and habitat for Vernal Pool animals.

2.  If you have a Vernal Pool near your yard avoid using fertilizers or pesticides on your lawn.  Also, if you have a septic system, make sure it is working.

3.  Be careful driving on warm, rainy evenings in late March and early April, especially in areas near Vernal Pools.  Spotted salamanders and wood frogs may be crossing the road.


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