Dried Materials Needed for Wreath Festival 



Help us prep for our annual Wreath Festival Fundraiser! Each Fall the Woodcock Staff collects an array of natural dried flowers, grasses, nuts, fruits, berries, and cones for our annual Wreath Festival Fundraiser. 

To help with collections, we are looking for donations of the materials below.

Donations can be left outside the on the steps of the offices in bags or boxes. The offices are located in the brown house at the end of the driveway. 

Milkweed Pods
Seeds shaken out at the collection site to enable new growth.
Pine Cones
All shapes and sizes!
Staghorn Sumac
Fluffy Grasses
Sedum Heads
Dusty Miller
Magnolia Leaves
Lunaria (Money Plant)
Growing on sticks or by itself.
Mossy Bark
Honey Locust Pods
Cinnamon Sticks
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