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Dried Materials Needed for Wreath Festival 

We are looking for donations of the materials listed below.

Donations can be left outside the on the steps of the offices located in the brown house at the end of the driveway.


All items must be dry upon donation.

Please lay out to dry before boxing or bagging, or collect while dry.

Use cardboard boxes or brown paper bags. 

Wet items will grow mold and be unusable. 

No plastic bags, they retain moisture and cause mold. 



Stored in cardboard boxes. 

Pine cones assorted 2.jpg

Pine Cones

All shapes and sizes. Carboard boxes or brown bags only.

sumac berries.jpg

Staghorn Sumac Berries

Clipped from branches.

milkweed pods 2.jpg

Milkweed Pods

Fluffy seeds must be shaken out to spread new plants for next year.

lichen stick 2.JPG


On branches or bark pieces.

cinnamon sticks.jpg

Cinnamon Sticks.

All sizes. 

hydrangea pink.jpg


Best when cut and dried before color has faded or turned brown.

mossy bark 2.jpg


On branches or bark pieces.

sweet gum pod.jpg

Sweet Gum Pods

Stored in carboard boxes. 

Hickory nuts.jpg

Hickory Nuts

Inner nut only. No outer green shells. 


Sea Shells

Smaller sizes, nothing larger than a tennis ball.

Sedum Heads.jpg

Sedum Heads

Just the tops of the plant laid to dry before donating.

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