Woodcock Nature Center Has Been “Yarn Balmed”

Unique yarn art installation on Woodcock preserve invites a colorful perspective on nature.

Beginning in April hikers can expect a bit more color on the trees at Woodcock Nature Center. An artist known only as the “Yarnbalmer” has installed crocheted yarn art along a familiar section of Woodcock trail. Visitors will enter the main trail head located across from the nature center building and, only a short distance in, will be greeted by a grove of 14 brightly wrapped trees. The installation even features silhouettes of some familiar forest creatures and beloved Woodcock animal ambassadors. According to Woodcock Executive Director Lenore Herbst, “We are always looking for new and different ways to encourage our community to experience nature. We are thrilled to welcome the warm, colorful, whimsical art of Yarnbalmer and hope everyone finds time to visit this spring.”

The work was commissioned by Wilton and Ridgefield Magazine and will be in place at least through this summer. The Woodcock trails are open daily from dawn to dusk. Visitors are also encouraged to explore the nearly 4 miles of trails, unique nature playground and outdoor aviaries that are part of Woodcock’s 150-acre public preserve. For more information in visiting click here.


More about the Yarnbalmer

Knitting from the tender age of 13 or 14ish, Knitiot Savant aka Yarnbalmer, kept out of typical teenage trouble as she indulged in her worsted remnant collection for experimental sweater concoctions. A textile designer who escaped fashion only to be sucked back into it, made fiber art her modus operandi as her means of expression. She has embraced yarn work as her latest journey.  Knitting has given her a way to harness her anxiety during the pandemic. What began as small sign post cozies has become colorful messages of inspiration and hope. She is also a classical bass player and loves guinea pigs!


From Yarnbalmer: “Knitting has given me a way to harness my anxiety during this highly unusual time. What began as small sign post cozies has become colorful messages of inspiration and hope. It gives me a sense of invincibility to sneak out at night and hide my work in plain sight. The response I have received in my own community drives me to bring this special attraction to other areas.


I call this, Project aKNITdote as it is an ongoing mission to redirect energy away from the unfathomable and try to keep my family's and community's gaze on something positive and happy. I set out to release aKNITdote to the public as a way to interrupt or at least change the conversation.  The seriousness of world affairs in every arena, albeit important to discuss, sometimes requires a balance for levity and perspective. Yarnbalming offers a comfortable, benevolent, humorous relief from all that is reality. I strike at random but have been moving towards a more comprehensive model of creating groupings of yarnbombs which becomes an installation of sorts. My targets have included popular jog routes, secret pathways, testing sites, and hospitals."

Yarnbalmer is available for private art installations and can be reached via email. See more on Instagram @yarnbalmer