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Self Led Nature Activities


Below are some PDFs for at home nature activities for kids of different ages. Click the link to download the documents and then get outside!

Adopt a Tree Activity

Deepen your awareness of trees over time by observing your own special tree.


Backyard Bioblitz Activities

Discover the biodiversity in your backyard or local park by surveying all the different species you can find.

Backyard Bioblitz Activity Sheet

Bioblitz Earth Day Sheet

Biomimicry Super Hero!

Create your own Super Hero inspired by the adaptions of plants and animals.

Mouse House.jpg

Fairy House Activity

Build miniature homes and villages out of natural materials.

Micro Exploration

Pretend you are the size of an ant and explore the miniature world of your backyard!

Stone Wall

How old is that Stone Wall?

Learn about lichen and how you can use it to determine the age of a stone wall.

Natural Navigation Challenge

Learn how to use the sun, the trees, and the stars or orient yourself outside.

Close Up Owl

Nighttime Color Challenge

Learn about cones and rods and test your night vision!

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