Summer Camp Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Updated January 12, 2022

Please review these procedures thoroughly before the start of your camp week. All of the following information is pertinent to camp running smoothly and safely each day.


Use caution when driving in for drop off and pick up each day; be mindful of your speed, watch for children and staff in the driveway and be aware of crossing traffic. 



  • Drop-off begins at 9:15 am. Camp begins at 9:30 am.

  • PreK-6th grade campers: Drop off via Main Entrance (56 Deer Run Road). When you arrive on-site please proceed down the driveway and pull in line. There will be two drop-off and pick-up locations. There will be an email sent in the days leading up to camp letting you know which color group your child will be in. This will determine the drop-off and pick-up locations for your camper. Staff will be available in the driveway to help direct you. If you have more than one camper in different groups you may have to drop each child at their separate designated tents. Group color and locations may change week to week. 

  • 7th-8th grade Uncharted: Drop off at the top of Gilly Lane (located half a mile from the main entrance). Pull up to the end of the Gilly Lane cul de sac where a senior staff member will greet you. If you have to drop-off campers at multiple locations please drop your Uncharted camper off before dropping younger campers at our main campus.

  • Please plan to be on time as that helps us to get our camp day started in a timely fashion.

  • Parents and siblings must remain in the car at all times (except to assist young campers with seat belts). Staff will approach your vehicle at which time your child may exit the vehicle and will be directed to their “home base” tent. 

  • Apply sunscreen and insect repellant before arriving to camp. Do not exit your vehicle in the drop-off line to apply.

  • If your child requires medication at camp, we will be accepting them on the first day, inspecting them for proper packing and expiration dates, and they will be kept at camp for the week and returned at Friday drop-off. Children will not be admitted to camp without their prescribed medication or if their medication is expired. Read more about the required forms and waivers here

  • If your child is not well and/or is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or has been in direct contact with an individual who has tested positive for Covid-19, please keep them home. Additionally, we ask that all caregivers plan to stay within a 30-mile radius of camp in case an emergency pickup is necessary for any reason. 



  • The camp day ends at 1:00 pm for our PreK-K groups and 3:00 pm for 1st-8th grades.

  • Pick-up for each group will be at the same spot as their designated drop-off point

  • PreK-6th grade campers: When you arrive on-site please proceed down the driveway and pull up to the designated pick-up point for your child's group. 

  • 7th/8th grade Uncharted: Pull up to the end of the Gilly Lane cul de sac. A senior staff member will meet you. 

  • Parents and siblings must remain in the car at all times (except to assist young campers with seat belts)

  • If you need to make a change to your child’s typical pick-up schedule please email or call the office at (203) 762-7280 with information on any adult retrieving your child.

  • If you wish/need to speak at length with camp staff, you  will be directed to a parking spot and Senior Staff will come speak with you. You may also reach our Camp Director Sarah Breznen during camp hours at (203) 731-9832 or

Did you know that Wilton is a no-idling town? Whenever possible during drop off/pick up, please do not leave your vehicle idling. See more info from our friends at Wilton Go Green here

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience with these procedures!
We may make adjustments throughout the summer as necessary.