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Summer Camp Mask Policy

Updated February 28, 2022

Masks are strongly encouraged but no longer required at Woodcock of program participants or employees. According to The Office of Early Childhood Education, masks are no longer required of campers or staff. However, masking is still recommended when distancing is not possible indoors or when you might find yourself in close contact with individuals when outdoors. Campers and staff who choose to wear a mask through the day are welcome to do so.

Those who choose to wear masks should follow these protocols:


Guidelines for Wearing and Removing Masks:

  • Masks should completely cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of the face without gaps.

  • Masks should be comfortable. Mask Extenders or Ear Savers can be found online on sites like Amazon or Etsy. These put the pressure on the back of the head (like straps for glasses) instead of on the backs of the ears.

  • Pack extra masks to replace one that may become dirty or wet from moisture or rain. (A wet mask is harder to breathe through, is less efficient at filtering, and vents more around the edges of the mask.)

  • Efforts will be taken to not touch the mask when wearing and only handle by ear loops or ties.

  • Efforts will be taken not to touch eyes, nose, and mouth when removing masks.

  • Staff will wash or sanitize hands before and after helping a child put on or adjust a mask.

  • Reusable masks should be washed regularly.



  • WNC staff is not responsible for monitoring mask-wearing of campers. If you would like your camper to wear a mask during the day, please speak with your child and reiterate your expectations around mask-wearing at the start of each day.

  • Children will not be excluded from the program or isolated from peers for wearing or not wearing a mask.

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