History of the Land at
Woodcock Nature Center

Pre Settlers:

Ridgefield - Indigenous Tribes: Ramapo and Katonah

Wilton - Indigenous Tribes: Siwanog

  • Members of the Siwanog tribe farmed, hunted, and fished in the fertile Norwalk River Valley in an Area they called Pimpewaug



  • Alexander Resseguie 

    • Frenchman who acquired farms on the Ridgefield side of the WNC Property around 1709. Probably Ridgefield's wealthiest settler​


  • Jonathon Wood

    • Wilton's first permanent English settler, moved to Wilton in 1706

  • Ebenezer Smith​

    • Owned Brimstone swamp (WNC Land) in 1717​



  • 1812 Spanish 1/2 Reale coin found


  • Wilton voted to separate from Norwalk in August 1801 and it was approved on May 20, 1802

  • Hiram Davis

    • Born in 1849 on Davis Family Farm (WNC Land). Served in the Civil War with 3 other brothers, one of whom never returned. Died in 1947 at 98 as one of the last 47 Civil War veterans in the USA​

Early 1900s:


  • 1942 Silver Dime found

  • Many shotgun shells from early 1900s


  • Land still owned by the Davis Family Farm 

  • Lots of hunting

  • Used as dumping ground for car parts


  • J. Mortimer Woodcock (aka Woody Woodcock)

    • Ridgefield first selectman who founded Woodcock Nature Center in 1972​