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We're having a Feeding Frenzy!

Did you know that every month...


our hawks and owls chow down on

500 mice, rats and chicks and


our reptiles and amphibians eat over

5 pounds of veggies, 10,000 worms and 12 dozen crickets?

Feeding 35 ambassador animals takes more than a nibble out of our budget!


Our animals are an essential part of the team at Woodcock and because they work so hard for us, we work hard to take care of them too; from taking them to the vet regularly to providing a balanced diet to keeping the temperature just right in their environments.

Animal care costs about $15,000 per year,

a significant cost for a small non-profit like Woodcock.


Support Hooty, Edna, Clyde and all our amazing animal educators by making a donation to our Feeding Frenzy Campaign today!

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