It's a Komodo, it's Edna the Monitor Lizard!


By Allegra Jacobs -  Animal Care Expert, Woodcock Nature Center - July 2018


When people think of monitor lizards, the prehistoric looking Komodo Dragon comes to mind. You know, the one in Skyfall where James Bond skillfully navigates through a club housing the beasts in a pit below!


The Komodo Dragon is not a domesticated pet, however one of its smaller cousins is a great reptile to keep: the Savannah, or Bosc Monitor Lizard. Woodcock is lucky to have one of these docile, friendly creatures, a three year old Savannah by the name of Edna.


Opportunistic carnivores, Savannah Monitors split their time between hunting and camping out in their burrows. In captivity, they enjoy stretching their legs outside their enclosures. You may have seen Edna sporting a light blue cat harness, which she wears when campers or staff take her for walks outside!


Just shy of 2 feet long, Edna is expected to grow to 4 or 5 feet over the next few years. (She's averaging 1-2 inches of growth a month!)


Savannah's live around 15 years in captivity, which means the nature center will have this gentle giant for many more years to come.

Learn how you can help Edna and all our resident animal by supporting our Feeding Frenzy fundraising campaign.

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