Big Scales to Fill

By Allegra Jacobs, Animal Care


The name “Monty Python” is well known, but in Fairfield County, he is more than just a legendary movie. Woodcock’s own Ball Python of the same name (pictured above) has stolen hearts, conquered snake phobias, and given warm hugs and gentle nudges to anyone in need. Fairfield’s Monty Python is a snake, and for the past fifteen years he has been VERY well known. 


Now in his early 20’s, Monty has paid his dues and was lovingly retired in 2018 to a quiet life at the nature center, free from his responsibilities as an education animal. We always knew this day would come, but a bigger question loomed ahead: who was going to replace our legendary snake?


We always say our animals find us, and Monty’s replacement did just that. Rocco the baby Ball Python arrived at Woodcock in July 2017, and after one camp season he was an animal favorite and we were confident he would embrace his new role with enthusiasm. Just two feet long, Rocco still has some growing to do, but still emcompasses the love, curiosity, and gentle nature that Monty used to win over the hearts of children and adults far and wide. We love him very much and we hope you do too - and if not, perhaps you’ll give him a chance to change your mind. 


Some fun facts about Ball Pythons:


  • Scientific name: python regius. Also called Royal Pythons, they get their name from the ball they curl up in. Royal Python is a nod to them being worn as jewelry in ancient times.

  • Contrary to popular belief, the name “python” does not automatically mean these snakes are dangerous or venomous. In fact, they are very popular in the pet trade.

  • Monty and Rocco both display a very basic dominant gene in their coloring which gives them a brown and black scaled look. We don’t know for sure their exact morphs, but Ball Pythons come in many different cool colors and patterns. 

  • This snake is native to Africa. If you see one in the wild here, it is VERY lost!

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